Lease Fixed Fees

Commercial Property Fee Structure

We can assist you or your company as a Landlord or a Tenant in dealing with your commercial premises.
Due to the complexities involved in dealing with commercial leases it is not always possible to provide a fixed fee from the onset.We will start from £950.00 plus VAT, however we tend to give a more specific and bespoke quotation for each of our client’s needs.
Fee StructureAmount Plus VAT
Lease fees£750
Licence to Occupy£650
Agreement for Lease£650
Deed of Surrender£650
Tenancy at Will£400
Assignment Fees£750

Usual Disbursements but not limited to:

Fee NameAmount Plus VAT
Land Registry Search/OS1/OS2£3
Bankruptcy Search£2
Official Copies£3.00 (each)
Full Commercial Searches£462.00 (approx)
Land Registration Electronic Fee£40.00-£455.00 (depending on Land Registry’s fees scale)
Notice of Transfer Fee£50.00-£100.00
Stamp DutyTBA
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